[Spambayes] Disabled SpamBayes?

Mark Lewandowski theatre at rosebudtheatre.com
Thu Sep 30 16:32:33 CEST 2004

At home the other day, Outlook seemed to hang when starting. Often,
since installing SpamBayes, it takes a moment or two to open Outlook.
This time, though, it hung for about three minutes. I closed Outlook and
re-opened it.
When I re-opened, it gave me a warning that the Add-in SpamBayes had not
opened properly and would be disabled. I could re-enable it through
Outlook. Since I figured I knew how to do that, I didn't look carefully
where that function was located. I didn't worry because I wasn't
checking my mail, just needed a quick print of an e-mail.
The next day, I tried to re-enable SpamBayes (to deal with the plethora
of spam!), but cannot find the function. The tool bar is there, but
nothing happens when I click on it. I cannot find it under a list of
Add-in under Tools-Options-Other-Advanced Options,. I checked the
Outlook Help to no avail. I even did a quick on-line search, but found
Before I try to re-install, is there a simpler way (not that
re-installing is hard...)
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