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Peter Sibilski petersibilski at yahoo.com
Sun Dec 11 02:30:48 CET 2005

Message(Anthony Baxter recommended I forward my question to you instead...)
Good Evening!
I am an amateur software developer who has used SpamBayes now for about a year. Your software has an amazingly accurate reliability to filter out large quantities of spam from my Outlook XP pst folders. 
A side project of mine includes understanding the Outlook database, I have this curiosity to see if I can syncronize my Outlook pst data with MySQL server. I realize that third party software is available for this task, but I want to try to learn how it occurs... not just how much it costs to get someone else to do the fun stuff for me.
My assumption about the SpamBayes Outlook plugin is that it accesses the pst personal folder ergo the Outlook database. If this is not correct could you kindly correct my observations? If I am correct, and your plugin does access the data within the Outlook database system, could you possibly help me to understand how this occurs? I am a hands on guy when it comes to software: the farther I am from the source the less I understand and the more I long to grasp the story of how things work.
Any kind of help you can provide me would be greatly appreciated!
Peter John Sibilski

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