[Spambayes] Feature Request ...

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Mon Dec 19 21:51:41 CET 2005

> I would like to suggest a feature in spambaye's web interface which  
> could be useful for many users.
> Instead of Save and Shutdown button, it would be better to seprate  
> the buttons as Save, Shutdown, and Logout as some users might want  
> to keep the spambaye running in the background.

If you want to do that, just close the browser window.

> As for my case, I run spambaye as service and manage via web  
> interface for my users local pop3 mailboxes on the server.

In 1.1 the "Save and Shutdown" button has been removed when running  
as a service.

> And sometimes, I accidentally hit on the Save and Shutdown button  
> instead of closing the browser.
> It would be much better if there is a button for Logout.

What would the "logout" button do?


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