[Spambayes] Question (Possible feature request)

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Tue Jan 11 23:53:29 CET 2005

> When is 1.1 going to be available, if I may ask? 

It's hard to be certain, because everything depends on volunteer time, which
can be unexpectedly reduced.  However, assuming that I am the release
manager for 1.0.2 and the first 1.1 (which is probably a reasonable guess),
then my best guess would be:

  1.0.2 This is a bugfix release only - i.e. it fixes bugs with the 1.0.1
release, but contains no new features.  I expect this to be released before
the end of January (there's a long weekend at the very end here, so possibly

  1.1a1 This is a first alpha release of the 1.1 branch.  There are a *lot*
of changes in 1.1 from the 1.0.x line - however, I do believe we are getting
close to finishing up adding the bits we wanted for 1.1, so it's probably a
good idea to get a release out reasonably soon that interested people can
test.  This is an alpha release, however, so is only for those willing to
test reasonably cutting edge stuff (although it has undergone a reasonable
amount of testing by the developers and other CVS users).  I expect that
this will be released about the same time as 1.0.2 (i.e. end of January).

What happens after that depends on how many problems with the alpha release
there are.  I hope that it will go something like:

  1.1a2    End of February.
  1.1b1    Mid-March.
  1.1rc1   End of March.
  1.1final Start of April.

> Also, would this ham move be able to handle the following senario?
> We would like to run Outlook rules on the standard inbox.
> After such, all none whitelist email will be moved by said 
> rule to a secondary mail folder that will have spambayes scan 
> it.  The Spam and Maybe Spam will still go to their 
> respective folders, however anything left behind is moved 
> back into the standard inbox.
> Is this something that would be possible with 1.1?

Yes - this is exactly the sort of thing that the new functionality is
designed to handle.  You'd just get SpamBayes to watch/filter the secondary
mail folder, and set the ham/good mail action to "move to inbox".


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