[Spambayes] Re: Training oddity/confusion

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Tue Jan 18 22:28:00 CET 2005

[Mathew Hendry]
>>> 'sa_rule:3.0:DRUGS_ERECTILE'        0.84212             4     23

[Tony Meyer]
>> Hmmm.  I won't ask about the four ham with that clue <wink>.

[Mathew Hendry]
> Heh, SpamCop autoresponder mail I think. I should move those 
> out of SpamBayes's way, they'll only confuse it. :)

Well the clue is still pretty strongly spammy - it's probably safe enough to
leave things as they are.  There are plenty of tokens that are predominately
spam (ham) and appear in the odd ham (spam), after all.

[picking up URLs]
> Just the bare address: spambayes.org.

If you enable [Tokenizer] x-fancy_url_recognition then that will be picked
up as a URL rather than just plain text.  IIRC there hasn't been any large
scale testing on whether this is good or not, so it may lose its
experimental status at some point, if it does help.


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