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Kenny Pitt kenny.pitt at gmail.com
Mon Jan 24 23:26:01 CET 2005

Johan Geertsma wrote:
> But my other suggestion is this: Make the data folder adjustable.
> Why? So I point it to
> a network drive and in this way all users have the same DB. This
> would be really great.
> Not only for more than one user, but also the user can put the files
> on an other local drive.
> I for example have all my data on my D drive. I never lost my data if
> I have to reinstall windows.

There is no installer or GUI option, but you can change the data directory
by editing the config file.  See FAQ 3.14:

However, it is not likely to be a good idea to use this option to share the
database between users.

First, many of the clues that SpamBayes uses to classify messages are
specific to the individual receiver.  It is also based on the idea of
learning what each user considers to be spam, which may not be the same for
all of your users.  You will likely have reduced accuracy with a shared

Second, SpamBayes is not designed with the idea that multiple users will be
updating the training database at the same time.  It does not implement the
necessary mechanisms to prevent consistency problems and corruption in the
database if it is updated by more than one user.

Kenny Pitt

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