[Spambayes] SpamBayes

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Wed May 18 02:55:47 CEST 2005

> I am using Outlook Express and I have a feeling that
> your filter does NOT work with Express. 

Please see FAQ 2.1:


> If it is supposed to, how do I get it to even open under
> Outlook Express, because so far, I haven't been able to do so?

To configure SpamBayes and Outlook Express:

  1.  Right-click on the little envelope icon that appears in the tray
(collection of icons by the clock) and choose "Configure...".

  2.  In the top box, enter the address of your mail server (e.g.

  3.  In the second box, put "110".

  4.  About halfway down the page, tick the "unsure" and "spam" boxes in the
"Notate To" option.

  5.  Click "Save" at the end of the page.

  6.  In Outlook Express, go to Accounts from the Tools menu.

  7.  Select the mail account (clicking the Mail tab might help find it).

  8.  Click Properties.

  9.  Click the Servers tab.

  10. In the "incoming" box, write "localhost" (without the quotes).

  11. Click Ok & close your way back out again, and you're done.


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