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You may be able to get the plug-in to work with Windows 95 if you install
the most recent version of Internet Explorer possible, but we are not
certain about this. It does not work with Outlook Express - see below for
other options.


Non Outlook Solutions


Windows users using other mail clients and retrieving mail via POP3 can
download the same installation program and use it to install a binary
version of sb_server, including a tray application.


See also the information about sb_server.


If you retrieve mail via IMAP, you currently need to install a recent
version of Python and the SpamBayes source, then setup the IMAP filter) for
your mail server.


The 1.1 release (see the download page) includes a binary version of
sb_imapfilter. Although this is still currently in alpha, you might like to
try it out.



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I just downloaded your SPAM addin a while ago, and I cannot get anything to
work.  The reference to your Spam filter came from the current edition of
PCWorld, and in that article, it says that this covers both Outlook and
Outlook Express.  I am using Outlook Express and I have a feeling that your
filter does NOT work with Express.  If it is supposed to, how do I get it to
even open under Outlook Express, because so far, I haven't been able to do


Jack Cashman

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