[Spambayes] a new idea .... Spam filtering perhand with deleteoption also !?

camro@gmx.at camro at gmx.at
Thu May 26 11:47:42 CEST 2005

 hmm - this is philosophie ...
Why do we habe an trash folder in Outlook ?
-> well i think that it is possible to undelete a mail - or ?

But i got per day amount 500 spam-mails - so it would be nice if i
check/look in the folder "SPAM" and i cam really delete all spams..
But these SPAMS then goes to "TRASH"-folder in an imap-system.

So - yet - it is normal for me also, that i got some "ham mails" in folder
"INBOX", which are delete,, because i think that is not interesst anymore
for me.
But i could be possible that it is interessing to undelete it, why i share
it with a other user , too (small office 4 person).

So yet i have a mix in the "TRASH" folder with delete "spam mails" and
"ham-mails" (amount 2000 mails in 3 days..), and there i know 100% that the
SPAM-Mails there i want to delete, because nobody need the spam-mails in
folder "TRASH" there inside - never times.
The ham-mails there i want to hold - maybe somebody wants to recover a

I hope ist clear - why a function for that would be really good to get.


For future i will try to install all necc. sources  - then i can help to
force your great project.

Cu camel

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> Betreff: RE: [Spambayes] a new idea .... Spam filtering 
> perhand with deleteoption also !?
> > No - as default if i delte a mail in imap - it goes to 
> "trash" folder
> > 
> > So now - it would be nice if i can only delete all spam-mails from 
> > folder "trash"
> So you don't want to filter the Trash folder (i.e. you don't 
> want to reclassify the messages, or move any of them), just 
> delete those that have already been marked as spam.
> Why not just permanently delete the messages rather than 
> moving them to the Trash folder?  Why not just empty the 
> Trash folder?  There's nothing in there you want to keep, 
> right?  (Otherwise, why would they be in the trash?)
> =Tony.Meyer
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