[Spambayes] graphics stripped out of non-spam HTML messages after installing Spambayes

Tim Peters tim.peters at gmail.com
Mon Apr 17 05:15:28 CEST 2006

[David Gillbanks]
> Thanks for your reply, Tony.
> The thing is, graphics/pics in HTML e-mails were displaying perfectly
> well in my Outlook until I enabled Spambayes. So naturally I assumed it
> was Spambayes stripping them out.

Proximity doesn't imply causality ;-)

> I've since disabled Spambayes but the graphics/pics haven't returned.
> I'll now dive the depths of Outlook to see what may have been changed.

Try Tools -> Options ... -> Security -> Download Pictures -> Change
Automatic Download Settings ...

SpamBayes doesn't muck with that, but MS has changed the default
settings, and it's at least possible your settings got changed by
installing an MS "security update" of one kind or another.  But if
that's the problem, I don't think you would have described the
graphics as being "stripped out" -- instead, when you're looking at an
email with a graphic Outlook hasn't downloaded, Outlook displays a
message telling you to right-click and select an option if you'd
_like_ to see the graphic(s) in that specific email.  If you don't see
a message like that, then I've never seen what you're seeing.

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