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Amedee Van Gasse amedee at amedee.be
Mon Nov 13 18:32:14 CET 2006

Op maandag 13-11-2006 om 10:36 uur [tijdzone -0600], schreef Ken Fulks:
> I have installed Spambayes on several computers in our church office
> to eliminate a significant amount of spam that they receive.  Most
> users are very happy with the program and its effectiveness, and the
> fact that they do not need to do anything for it to work.
> However, on only one computer, an Outlook warning pops up every time
> they create a new email message.  The warning states that "Another
> program is trying to access the Outlook address book. Do you want to
> allow this access?" The user can then select whether to allow the
> access for anywhere from 1-10 minutes.  This does not happen on the
> other 4 computers using Spambayes with Outlook.
> All of the computers are similar model Dell Dimension desktops with
> Pentium 4 processors, Windows XP Pro with SP2 and all updates. All use
> Office 2002 and the Outlook version that comes with that.  They are
> connected in a peer to peer network and email service is provided by
> Yahoo mail, which is why they get tons of spam. (I am not in charge of
> which service we use, just a volunteer network support person.)
> The Windows Knowledge base recommends using the Outlook Add-In Manager
> to disable the particular add-in.
> (Tools/Options/Other/General-advanced Options/Add-In Manager)
> However, then Spambayes does not work.
> Do you have any suggestions on how to eliminate this warning message
> whenever a new email is created in Outlook?
> Thanks,
> Ken
> PS.  I learned about Spambayes from Maximum PC magazine.

Hello Ken,

I am not one of the Spambayes developers, just a user like you.
But I am quite sure Spambayes does not need the Outlook Address Book. I
am quite certain there is another application doing this. I suggest
scanning for spyware.


Amedee Van Gasse
amedee at amedee.be

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