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I have been using Spambayes for some time now with MS Outlook 2003
(11.8010.8107) SP2 without any problems.  My OS is Windows XP Pro with SP2.
Spambayes version 1.0.4

I recently had some adware slip into the computer which I had cleaned out.
When checking my mail I tried to use Spambayes and it did not work.  I
checked to see if it was still installed as an add-in with Outlook and at
least it was still on the toolbar but checking the Tools> options> other>
advanced options (under general)> Com add-ins, I noticed that Spambayes was
unchecked . I placed the check mark in the box, clicked OK, closed and
restarted Outlook and it still did not work.  I checked following the above
and the box was unchecked again.  I tried this a couple of times and still
it did not work.  I proceeded to reinstall Spambayes and it still did not
work.  I uninstalled Spambayes and reinstalled it and still the same
results.  I had the tool bar for Spambayes but it still is not working.  The
Add-in Manager does not show Spambayes but the Com Add-Ins does show the
program there but still unchecked.  I repeated the above a few times with no
results.  Again, the program has been working great for some time now but it
has just stopped working.  I have had other hits here with adware on the
computer before and it did not affect Outlook or Spambayes.  There are no
traces of any BHOs or adware in the computer at this time.  Is it possible
that something in the registry is causing Spambayes to not operate?  If so,
how do I fix this situation?  Spambayes seems to be the only program /
add-in that works with Outlook and I would like to get it working again
before my folders explode with the recent evasion of spam with word lists in
them to try to get around the filters.   These word lists in the subjects
and bodies of the emails seem to be working for the spammers lately, but
your program is catching about 80 percent of the junk.  Any help would
greatly be appreciated.





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