[Spambayes] Help needed immediately

skupelian skupelian at criterium-kupelian.com
Thu Oct 11 18:43:08 CEST 2007

I hope this is sent to the right area/people --

I just downloaded your software. I'm trying to "train" my machine by letting
it put e-mail in "Spam" or "Unsure" folders and then going to these folders
and telling the program whether each file in the folder is "Junk" or "Good".
However, My e-mail is disappearing -- how do I find where the the "Spam" and
"Unsure" folders are?

There doesn't seem to be anything in your FAQ's that addresses this
situation, and the "Tools/Advanced Find" doesn't work the way you say in
your FAQ's.

There's no phone number or e-mail in your "Contact Us/Contact Details" and I
need to find/access my e-mail. Please call 970-248-9200 ASAP!!!! It is now
10:45 AM in western Colorado where I am.

You could e-mail me but your e-mail would go to some unknown location where
I don't know how to find it, so please don't do that!

Thank you.

Sue K

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