[Spambayes] Deleting messages

Peter Roe peter at ashdownav.com
Tue Sep 22 10:20:44 CEST 2009

Dear Spambayes
Just one thing to suggest for an otherwise excellent program:
In Outlook, the toolbar has a button to 'Delete as Spam'.   This is in
the same place on the toolbar both in the Inbox and in the Junk Suspects
folder, so I get used to clicking on it quite frequently.
On the rather less frequent occasions when I go into the Junk E-mail
folder, there is a button in the same place on the toolbar with a
similar yellow face and I find that I have quite often clicked this to
delete messages out of habit.   No sooner have I clicked it that I
realise that this is the 'Recover from Spam' button which has moved over
from its 'normaI' place and I should have used the delete button
instead, which is in a different place on the toolbar.  I'm not sure of
the consequences to the learning routine is having trained it well to
then go and recover a whole pile of rotten spam by accident, but it is
an easy mistake to make.
Is there any chance please of adding a delete button on the toolbar in
the Junk E-mail folder to make the user interface more consistent
I wonder if you have been asked this before or if anyone else has done
many thanks

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