[Spambayes] Problem in downloading Spambayes on my PC

Amedee Van Gasse amedee at vangasse.eu
Fri Feb 18 12:52:28 CET 2011

On Wed, February 16, 2011 21:40, Lisa Fierro wrote:
> Hi,
> I was trying to download Spambayes on my PC (this version):
> Thunderbayes++
> <http://heapoverflow.com/f0rums/project.php?projectid=21> 	ThunderBayes
> extended to work with Thunderbird 3.x
> I have Windows 7 Professional and when I hit download, it starts to
> download but stops before finishing and directs me to this website:
> http://shell.windows.com/fileassoc/0409/xml/redir.asp?EXT=xpi and
> recommends that I download a program called Regwork that you have to pay
> for.
> Can you please give me step by step instructions on how to successfully
> download this on to my PC without having to purchase any other software
> and use it to eliminate spam from my e-mail?
> Thanks so much!
> Lisa

Hello Lisa,

Your question is about ThunderBayes++, an extension for ThunderBird based
on SpamBayes. ThunderBayes++ is an independent work from SpamBayes.

You can find the original ThunderBayes website at
http://pieces.openpolitics.com/category/thunderbayes/, however it seems
that the developer has stopped supporting it 3 years ago.

ThunderBayes++ is an unofficial continuation of ThunderBayes by another
author, also independent from SpamBayes. I don't know what the current
state of ThunderBayes++ is. Last news about it is almost a year old, and I
can't find it any more on Mozilla's add-on website.

You could also try SpamBayes, the original program that ThunderBayes and
ThunderBayes++ were based on. Take a look at
Be prepared to get your hands wet... although you are now subscribed to
the SpamBayes mailing list so just ask your questions, there will probably
be somebody who can help you.

I cannot help you, because I don't use Windows, I use Linux. I don't know
anything about Windows. I also don't use SpamBayes as a plugin for a
mailclient, but as a filter in my procmail rules. It gets technical if you
want to know more...


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