[stdlib-sig] Proposal: new "interpreter" module

Christian Heimes christian at cheimes.de
Fri Apr 4 11:27:15 CEST 2008

Benjamin Peterson schrieb:
> I originally brought this in the discussion about removing types, but it can
> be separate.
> Through the years, sys has gather a fare share of crud. Much of these new
> additions are low-level and CPython specific. I believe the sys module
> should strive to be an interpreter neutral, clean module. Hence, I propose
> the "interpreter" module. We could move all those internal functions like
> _getframe(), get/setrecursionlimit(), get/setcheckinterval(), etc to it.
> Also, if we decided to remove the types module, this would be a natural
> place for frames and code objects.

The idea popped up several months ago when we were discussion the future
of the types module. Guido suggested the name 'pyvm'. The module was
meant to contain low level interfaces to the (C)Python virtual machine.

Once the pyvm module is implemented the sys module should only contain
system methods which can be implemented by all flavors of Python.


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