[Texas] PyTexas 2010 Retrospective: Facility

Brad Allen bradallen137 at gmail.com
Sun Aug 29 05:21:35 CEST 2010

Let's discuss how well our venue worked out this time, at the Baylor
University Science Building in Waco. Should we plan to use the same
venue next year?

My default is to prefer the same location for next year, because we
now have experience with this venue and know how to make it work.
However, it may be worth exploring alternatives.

One important question will be whether we can secure a large
auditorium room. This year we had ~92 attendees and our keynote room
was past capacity.  I have some ideas about how to increase turnout
for next year, and want plan to support up to 200 attendees. Getting
everyone into one room is critical for certain moments in the

Some notes:

* Wireless was down till about 9:30am(?). Thanks to Jeremy Langley for
getting IT support to fix it!
* One hour was not long enough for lunch, due to the long walk to the cafeteria.
* The food in the cafeteria seemed pretty good ($8 all you can eat
buffet). Do you agree? How many of you missed going to the cafeteria
because of the earlier misdirection of the food court with Quizno's
and Chick-Fillet ?
* We had some technical issues with one of the projectors; I heard
that one talk had to be given with no projector (Intro to Version
Control). I'm not sure what happened there.
* The security paperwork to support wireless access is a bit
cumbersome at Baylor, but I think it was acceptable and we can live
with doing it again next year. What do you think?
* There was a lot of walking required, both to and from the parking
garage, and to and from the cafeteria. We got lucky with the weather,
which could have been much hotter or much rainier. That is a big risk
for future events at the same place.

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