[Tkinter-discuss] Updating of a Window

Sajjad Hussain shussai2 at yahoo.com
Sun Aug 28 18:29:17 CEST 2005


I have basically packed all my widgets and frames in a
label (with an image) which serves as my background.
Now the problem I am having is that when I leave my
mouse curser on the title window (with the title of
the program and min, max, quit icons) my screen inside
that window is updated after 2 or 3 seconds. But when
it is updated only the label's image is displayed and
rest of my widgets (packed inside that label)
disappear. Although when I go on top of the relative
position of a disppeared button widget (packed inside
that label) and click on it, it appears and functions
properly. Can anyone please tell me what the problem

On another topic, I read that non-rectangular windows
such as the one used by Windows Media player can be
created in Visual Studio using Windows GDI. (I have a
link to a tutorial on how to do this if anyone is
interested). I was wondering if we can do the same
using Tkinter. I know Python has wrappers for some GDI
methods. Also, if someone is interested in just
displaying the GUI with no titlebar (no min, max,
quit), they can use wm_overridedirect method. However,
this method prevents the user in minimizing,
maximizing or quitting (solution: provide your own
quit method). You cannot move the window either. By
the way, can we implement our own tk_grab methods to
move windows. 



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