[Tkinter-discuss] Tkinter and Alt bindings

Michael Lange klappnase at web.de
Wed Feb 8 11:56:32 CET 2012


Thus spoketh Russell Adams <RLAdams at AdamsInfoServ.Com> 
unto us on Tue, 7 Feb 2012 18:43:42 -0600:

> Can anyone here contribute to the problem documented at:
> http://stackoverflow.com/questions/9096341/binding-buttons-to-alt-keypresses

I cannot reproduce this here (debian squeeze with IceWM) either, the
return "break" isn't even necessary. I believe this is either a bug in
Tk, maybe version-specific, or (seems more likely to me) a bug in the
window manager you are using.
A while ago I had a problem with (iirc) the handling of modal windows
with Tk and IceWM - other Gui Toolkits worked with IceWM and other WMs did
not show the problem with Tk (much as what you observe now), so I think
this does not prove anything. Back then I filed a bug report to the IceWM
developers and they fixed it within a few days, so I think a bug report
might be worth a try.



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