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Erik Forsberg forsberg at efod.se
Mon Jan 29 21:29:03 CET 2007

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"Brett Cannon" <brett at python.org> writes:

> Do we have a way to lock down the Roundup instance during the
> conversion so people don't jump the gun?  Or do we just take the whole
> thing down and not bring it back up until it's ready to accept new
> issues?

I'd say we should take the whole thing down, possibly replacing any
requests with a placeholer page telling people to take it easy. 

> And how about setting the developer bit on people's accounts?  Are we
> doing that on a request basis or just scraping the SF page and letting
> all of those accounts get set up?  Either way we need to doc
> something; how to request the bit or recover your SF account as a
> Roundup account, respectively.

The importer currently:

1) Sets up accounts for all accounts that has contributed to the sf
   tracker in any way, with the same username as the sf username. This
   includes accounts ranging from people who've made one bug report to
   people doing all kinds of work on a daily basis. All accounts get
   the 'User' role.

2) Assigns the 'Developer' role to people who have at least one
   bug/rfe/patch assigned to them in the sf tracker.

There is also a 'Coordinator' role who has permission to assign roles
(except the Administrator role) to other users. That should be a
handful of python developers, probably the same people that handles
the svn permissions today. 

All accounts are currently assigned a random password and need to use
the "Lost login" feature (Currently at
http://pybugs.efod.se/user?@template=forgotten) using their
sourceforge username. This will mail their sourceforge mail address
(<username>@users.sourceforge.net), so it is important that people
have a correct address setup so that the password reset mail comes

Coordinators can edit this mail address if the mail fails to deliver
for some people. Of course, users can also, once logged in, edit their
own mail adress to set it to something that doesn't involve

New accounts can also be created, and requires e-mail address confirmation. 

> When we feel we have the process down and the docs written I will ask
> python-dev when they are up for doing the transfer (have to make sure
> it doesn't happen around 2.5.1's release).

Sounds like a good idea.

> I'm all excited that this is actually going to happen!  Hopefully we
> can have this done by PyCon so it can be said we all got this finished
> in less than a year since the infrastructure committee was given the
> task to do this.  But it is no big deal if we don't; I do not want to
> rush this.

23-25/2 - well, it doesn't sound completely undoable :-).

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