[Tutor] Announce: PythonCard just posted a new release

Patrick K. O'Brien pobrien@orbtech.com
Tue, 7 Aug 2001 08:43:48 -0500

I know I haven't been here in a while, and that is because I've been heavily
involved in two projects. One is PythonCard, which is a software
construction kit (in the spirit of Apple's HyperCard) written in Python. A
new version has just been released and development is progressing steadily.
You might want to take a look if you have an interest in building GUI apps
in Python with the same ease as HyperCard.

The other project is PyCrust. It seems that every so often people on the
tutor and/or edu lists talk about developing a custom python shell to do
tutorials and such. Well, one of the neat things about PythonCard is its
built-in shell window, which allows you to manipulate all parts of your
application at runtime, with all the syntax coloring, call tips and
auto-complete features that you would expect from a python shell. PythonCard
uses a plug-in python shell, called PyCrust, which is available for use in
any python project.

You can learn more about PyCrust at
http://sourceforge.net/projects/pycrust/. You can learn more about
PythonCard at http://sourceforge.net/projects/pythoncard/ and the details of
its latest release are included below. Both projects have mailing lists that
you can join and we would love to have more participants. Consider this an
invitation. <wink>

Patrick K. O'Brien
"I am, therefore I think."

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Subject: [pythoncard] Announce: PythonCardPrototype release 0.3


Changes since 0.2.1

added changelog.txt and readme.txt files
menubar is now optional
    if a 'menubar' key is not found in a Stack's resource file then a
    won't be created.
log.py documented
    proof.py updated to work with log.py changes
MessageEvent was removed from proof.py since message sending
    bewteen widgets is currently disabled
The working directory is changed to the directory of the main resource file
    such as minimal.rsrc.py when PythonCard starts up to avoid problems
    with filenames in the .rsrc.py files and any data files used by the
Property Editor and Shell windows can be overlapped by the main app window
    Due to a bug, the Message Watcher must still remain on top
added getCurrentBackground to PythonCardApp class
PythonCard now includes PyCrust (-s on command-line)
    interactivePrompt renamed to shell, all references changed
    PyCrustFrame class moved to debug.py along with test for PyCrust import
    PyCrust shell is version 0.3
PythonCard turned into PythonCardPrototype package
    All samples changed to use the new package naming
    All samples can now be run "standalone" so any _standalone.py
    files in the samples have been removed.
    __version__.py contains the current release number
    New cvs tree on SourceForge, the old proto tree is no longer used
PythonCard.py renamed to loader.py and loader.py overhauled
added deleteWidget method
added find, deprecated findByName
added turtle graphics sample
added a Property Editor (-p on command-line)
    due to time constraints, the Property Editor is only a property viewer
    in this release. You can use the set methods for widgets to change
    values inside the shell if you need to.
added gainFocus and loseFocus messages to all widgets
added StaticLine widget
ComponentSpec and AttributeSpec classes added to enhance parsing of spec.py

Kevin Altis

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