[Tutor] Python Books

Andrei Kulakov ak@silmarill.org
Wed, 08 Aug 2001 13:58:26 -0400

On Wed, Aug 08, 2001 at 10:41:10AM -0700, Brian Dorsey wrote:
> Another data point: (and my first post to the Tutor list. ;)
> My experience before python: quite a bit of SQL and a fair amount of VBA (in Access) and VBScript (ASP pages). I started with Learning Python and loved it. The pace and style of writing worked well for me and it's short enough I felt I was actually getting a handle on things. It seems that it provides a solid foundation to work from, teaching the things you'll need to know whenever you write anyhting in python. I think there are several other intro books which cover the same material, this just the one I happened across. 
> The intro tutorial on www.python.org is pretty good as well... but I seem to need to have a book in front of me to learn... maybe I need a second monitor to show the docs on.. ;)
> Take care,
> -Brian
> PS- Anyone else have any need to send email from Lotus Notes via python and COM?:) I've got a short, simple script working.

Not me, but you can submit it to vaults of parnassus (link at python.org), be
patient though as it sometimes takes more than a week for submission to go


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