[Tutor] Python Books

Blake Winton bwinton@tor.dhs.org
Wed, 8 Aug 2001 14:32:14 -0400

* Andrei Kulakov <sill@optonline.net> [010808 14:02]:
> > PS- Anyone else have any need to send email from Lotus Notes
> > via python and COM?:) I've got a short, simple script
> > working.
> Not me, but you can submit it to vaults of parnassus (link at
> python.org), be patient though as it sometimes takes more than
> a week for submission to go through.

Or, if no-one else has that need, perhaps the Useless Python
Pages would be more appropriate?  ;)


(Which should really have a link from the lowerstandard.com main

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