[Tutor] 1.5.2 threading, wxDialog and wxstaticText

Eastwoodmarkw@cs.com Eastwoodmarkw@cs.com
Fri, 10 Aug 2001 11:09:32 EDT

Hi -

I'm new to python. 

Using threads and wxDialog (modeless) with wxStaticText.

When using threads(derived Threading class) to run a function that 
instantiates a class instance ........
the wxStaticText object fails to initialise itself in the dialog until all 
prior threads are run.

I've tried using sleep, wxSleep(no good without the wxApp derived class 
instance - i've found) but even sleep does not allow the wxStaticText intial 
message to be displayed in the dialog - only does once all other threads have 

So, todate - using wxDialog with wxStaticText and then periodic ...SetLabel() 
does not work using threads - even the initial text output defined prior to 
...Show(true) does not display until all 'controlled' threads have run.

A nice solution would be a modeless frame or panel.

The probable solution is to upgrade python but this is not an option.

So, does anyone know how I can build a wxGauge(progress), wxStaticText stuff 
in a wxDialog with real time updates using threads?