[Tutor] Tesla Coil's more Useless than ever

Rob Andrews rob@jam.rr.com
Fri, 10 Aug 2001 11:19:00 -0500

Just FYI:

Tesla Coil has added a new snazzy look to Useless Python, although if
you use a browser that does not display .png images, there may be
issues. Among the new additions is the first of a series of images
people can use to brag about their contributions to Useless.

For a site designed and maintained by Python Tutor volunteers,the site
looks nice, does it not? And with a quick count of about 130 .py files
available for Python newbies to play with, the Python Tutor community
has already created what I think is one of the most promising CP4E-ish
projects around.

I've got to parse that log file....

Pythonistas rock!
Useless Python!