[Tutor] Python helps defeat Code Red

Ryan Ware RWare@INTERPLASTIC.com
Fri, 10 Aug 2001 12:35:36 -0500

> Below is a post I clipped from the Twin Cities Linux Users Group.
> Looks like Python works very well for short hacks like that other language
> that begins with a "p" also. :)
> <snip>This is up on #debian's info bot:
> http://www.stone.nu/projects/python_scripts/code_red_warn.py.gz
> The script goes through your access.log, finds the ip from any default.ida
> requests, and then sends a http request to the hacked box, forcing
> root.exe to start a browser on the users system that directs them to a
> warning page.
> It's neat. Not legal I'm sure, but neat non the less.
> </snip>