[Tutor] Re: Algebraic symbol manipulation program idea

Roeland Rengelink r.b.rigilink@chello.nl
Sat, 11 Aug 2001 07:19:16 +0200

Hi Christopher,

I'm interested in this stuff too, but I couldn't find the original
message you're
replying to. Do you have a link somewhere?


Christopher Smith wrote:
> Shelley Walsh <Shelley@shells.demon.co.uk> wrote:
> | I am a mathematics instructor and lately I have been learning Python
> | partly out of fascination with its potential for helping to explain
> | algebra. Yesterday I downloaded a symbol manipulation program called
> | Pythonica and got to thinking that there ought to be an easier way to
> <cut>
> I read the whole post and am interested in this sort of thing as
> well but don't have time to respond much now.  Just wanted to note
> that I, too, just found Pythonica in my search for a symbolic
> manipulation program and found a bit of a parsing bug.
> When given 2*3+2^2/3 Pythonica returns:
>         in FullForm: Divide[Plus[Times[2,3],Power[2,2]],3]
>         evaluates to: 3.33333333333
> but it should probably be something like:
>         Plus[Times[2,3],Divide[Power[2,2],3]]
> and evaluate to 7.33333333333
> /c
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