[Tutor] Re: Algebraic symbol manipulation program idea

Christopher Smith csmith@blakeschool.org
Fri, 10 Aug 2001 15:52:35 -0500

Shelley Walsh <Shelley@shells.demon.co.uk> wrote:
| I am a mathematics instructor and lately I have been learning Python
| partly out of fascination with its potential for helping to explain
| algebra. Yesterday I downloaded a symbol manipulation program called
| Pythonica and got to thinking that there ought to be an easier way to

I read the whole post and am interested in this sort of thing as 
well but don't have time to respond much now.  Just wanted to note
that I, too, just found Pythonica in my search for a symbolic 
manipulation program and found a bit of a parsing bug. 

When given 2*3+2^2/3 Pythonica returns:

	in FullForm: Divide[Plus[Times[2,3],Power[2,2]],3]
	evaluates to: 3.33333333333

but it should probably be something like:


and evaluate to 7.33333333333