[Tutor] Yahtzee-like Program

Jesse F. W jessefw@loop.com
Thu, 16 Aug 2001 20:32:11 -0700

Dear Tim, et all,
Timothy M. Brauch wrote:
> I've written a small program that is a lot like Yahtzee, without the
> pretty graphics.  It's more of a command line style game.  It works
> and obeys all the standard rules.
> However, I know that my 250+ line code is horribly ugly.  But, it is
> the only way I know how to write it.  I would like it if someone would
> look at it and give me some pointers to help clean my code, but I am
> hesitant to post all of it on the Tutor list.
I am looking over, and commenting on ;-), your code now.
It looks pretty good.  Right now I am trying to hack up a better dice 
saving input checker than you had.  When I finish, I will post it on 
my site(see below) for further editing by others if that is alright with 
you.  Or I can send it to you, and you can post in on your site.
> If you want to look at it, it is available at
> <http://hemlock.centre.edu/~tmbrau00/Yahtzee.txt>
> Or, if someone wants, I can post the whole code to the Tutor.
> I also realize how boring it would be to look over someone's code and
> try to critque it, but I would really like to learn to write cleaner
> code, and that is the only way I can learn, right?
>  - Tim
> P.S. Once my code has been looked at, I think Useless might get a
> posting.