[Tutor] [opinions?] Web development... (kind of long)

Israel Evans israel@lith.com
Mon, 20 Aug 2001 10:36:28 -0700

Yeah, that sounds great!

It also sounds like a Useless Python entry. :)


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to all good tutorians,
Israel Evans wrote:
> Hello everyone...
<snip lots of interesting details> 
>   My goals are as follows;  
> I'd like to create a number of templates for the look and feel for all
> pages in a site.  I'd like to create a number of ways the site would
> be updated automatically whenever new content is added to either a
> database or the directories of which the site is made of.  It would be
> great if I could do this on the client, but the Server Side is nice as
> well. I'd like the content to be dynamically loaded in as it is
> requested by the user.  
	I don't know if this would be any use to you, but I have setup a 
pretty simple script which allows me to copy files from my local 
computer to my webserver(using FTP) with many fewer clicks and 
typeing than before.  If you are interested I would be glad to post it 
on the list.

						Jesse F. Weinstein