[Tutor] [opinions?] Web development... (kind of long) [ACS?]

Israel Evans israel@lith.com
Mon, 20 Aug 2001 10:41:46 -0700

Thank you all!

The suggestions offered were great.  I'm now reading Philip and Alex's Guide
to Web Publishing and it seems to offer some great suggestions.  
Though I shy away from anything that has the Captial letters AOL right next
to each other due to some horrible experiences in my childhood I'm still
going to therapy for:).  
I like the idea of generated xml docs served up as xslt-ified xhtml.  
Even though the XML world is a crazy forest of specifications, it does have
potential to do what I need to do in the way that I like to do it.

My feeling is that I want to create my content, in whatever format is best
for that content and use Python to dynamically collect and compile it into
whatever presentable format I need, be it print or the web.  It seems XML
and all of it's insane children coupled with a nice big database for all of
them to live in with Python in the lead playing sweet tunes that hypnotize
them all into behaving properly. 

in response to Rob..

	I've got websites that go from the personal "look at my daughter
being cute", to the Five county newsletter that will probably have to deal
with a lot of the same issues as Useless Python. 
	I'm thinking:
	Mailing list
	Article Submissions
	Calendar, with submissions
	searchable directories of related businesses, instructors, and
	reviews of venues and so on....

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:Perhaps most useful is his ACS toolkit that does a lot of the heavy lifing
:in collaborative web sites.  Although its current incarnation is in Java,
:some people split off and formed the "OpenACS":
:    http://openacs.org
:which is in Tcl.  Fortunately, there are Python bindings:
:    http://pywx.idyll.org/
:I don't know if it's worth the effort to use the software, but it might be
:useful to glean some of its ideas.  Hope this helps!

Boy, you really caught my attention with this post (I'm also reading
Phil & Alex's Guide to Web Programming right now...I sprung for the
printed version. The pictures are VERY nice. My four-year old likes to
look at the book with me. ;) )

However, I see that one must run AOLserver (not surprised, actually). I
just wish there were something along those lines already available that
would run on Apache.

The book IS chock full of ideas, though. Actually, for the person who
started this thread, if he has the option to choose his own web server,
and since there is a Python front end for scripting AOLserver, I'd
emphatically recommend reading Phil's book and seriously considering
that approach.

Sheila King