[Tutor] Re: [Q] Newbie's question on Python graphics

Bill Bell bill-bell@bill-bell.hamilton.on.ca
Tue, 21 Aug 2001 19:17:28 -0400

"Young-Jin Lee" <ylee12@uiuc.edu> wrote, in part:
> ... and I have a question on the Python graphics. ... I need a kind
> of 2D drawing functionality, drawing a line, circle, and oval,
> translate them, and rotate them. Is there a good tutorial or
> whatever for this topic? 

You mention only geometric objects (not user interface objects 
such as listboxes and buttons). One possibility you might consider 
is called VPython. I have not built anything using it myself. 
However, VPython does seem to produce some startling graphics 
for very little coding.