[Tutor] Why I'm learning Python (OT and long)

Schmidt, Allen J. aschmidt@nv.cc.va.us
Thu, 30 Aug 2001 13:17:11 -0400



While reading this, I thought I was reading my own autobiography! Very
spooky. I just sort of stumbled into programming (COBOL) from a PC hardware
and networking gig. I was a Certified WordPerfect Resource! Impressive, huh?
Most don't even remember WP anymore. I knew what EVERY 'F' key did and could
walk someone through the screens without even seeing them.
Also, when you think about it, Reveal Codes was the same as HTML! 

I feel like I am stumbling in Python too. I have only learned enough to get
me through using small parts of it within Zope.
When I really need a small Python program done, I will consult my experts I
work with and they build a basic, working structure and I build it out from
there. One line at a time. So far so good, but I don't feel I have learned
what I need yet.

That's it. Just had to comment when I saw the WP reference.

Good luck to you!

Allen Schmidt
Northern Virginia Community College