[Tutor] Automating Web Browsing

Joel Ricker joejava@dragoncat.net
Thu, 15 Feb 2001 19:39:07 -0500

    In my idle time -- when I have some anyway -- my diversion of choice has
been the Hollywood Stock Exchange.  For those not familiar with it, it is a
simulation where you buy and sell stocks on actual movies.  Alot like the
real stock market it takes a little shrewness and research to make money and
all around quite fun.

    My problem is that now that my portfolio has grown quite a bit, I'm
having trouble keeping up with it.  The number of stocks I have to buy and
sell on a given day has increased to the point where it takes too much time
to even play.

    [How this relates to Python] What I would like to do is automate my
buying and selling, which amounts to logging in to the site, going to the
buy/sell section, filling out a form with the Movies stock symbol, pressing
buy, and pressing the confirm button, and then repeat.  What modules can I
use to accomplish this? In searching around for information I ran across a
mention of LWP::UserAgent for Perl and it sounds kind of what I'm looking
for -- except it uses Perl.  Any ideas?