[Tutor] On asking for help

Tim Peters tutor@python.org
Tue, 2 Jan 2001 14:34:24 -0500

[Deirdre Saoirse]
> ...
> Most of us have jobs and lives. In my case, I work full-time, am a
> newlywed and am completing one master's degree (Computer Science)
> while starting another (Creative Writing). My spare time is negative
> already. If that isn't bad enough, I've received 228 emails so far
> today; yesterday, I received 594.

It sounds like you're behind schedule in starting a family too -- luckily,
most people testify that having a baby or two around the house makes their
schedule much easier to manage <wink>.

> Thus, please understand that, if I say I won't help you offlist, it's
> not personal. I have a lot to do -- especially this week.

A small tip:  if you can, have your email software set the Reply-To field to
tutor@python.org when replying to the list.  That should cut way back on the
number of "personal" emails that end up in your inbox due to people just
hitting (as I did with this reply <wink>) *their* email software's "Reply
All" button.

    y'rs  - tim