[Tutor] Python and Delphi

Adam Groszer adamg@mailbox.hu
Thu Apr 3 04:25:02 2003

Michael wrote:

At any rate, I have been totally spoiled by the ability to click on a term
and hit F1 to get very specific help on a function or method along with
good code examples specifically for using that construct.  Does anything
like this exist for Python development that would help speed my learning of
the language?


I think you should try Activestate Python, which has a nice (but sometimes
weirdly linked) html help.
Together with Activestate Komodo 2.3, the IDE, running on Win32 and linux
where you can hit shift-F1 which takes you to the online Python manual
with search capability.
For coding examples you can check
you can find here some clever examples.

This worked for me.