[Tutor] Executing more than one program at a time

Henry Steigerwaldt hsteiger@comcast.net
Wed Apr 9 01:00:01 2003

To All:

How does one execute more than one program at a
time in Python?

Within my program, I display a canvas, but then when
I try to start a Windows program from within this
program, nothing happens. It is as if the computer is
still fixed on the canvas that is displayed and can't do
anything else.

The way around this is to start the other program first,
THEN display the canvas.

In Tcl/Tk, I remember being able to execute the Tcl/Tk
script, and from within the script, also start the Windows
WordPad program. Here is that Tcl/Tk code snipet:

command {exec "\\program files\\accessories\\wordpad.exe"  /p  "\\my
documents\\misc_obs\\$file_name"  &}

The last character "&" is used to do this in Tcl/Tk, which
I believe runs the program in the background, or at least
tells the computer to run more than one thing at a time.
I am using Windows XP.

How do you do this in Python?


Henry Steigerwaldt
Hermitage, TN
Email:  hsteiger@comcast.net