[Tutor] shutil.rmtree on win32 with read-only files

Francois Granger francois.granger@free.fr
Wed Apr 16 02:46:02 2003

At 12:31 -0400 15/04/2003, in message [Tutor] shutil.rmtree on win32 
with read-only files, Terence Lo wrote:
>hi there,
>i was wondering if anyone else has come across this problem.  i'm trying to
>write a customized version of rmtree which can handle win32 read-only files.
>I've pondered the idea of doing something similar to:
>os.system('attrib -R ' + path + '/* /S')
>but unfortunately, the win32/dos attrib command does not contain any
>recursive directory replacement.  or at least i couldn't find a switch that
>does this.

Have a look to os.path.walk() in the Python documentation
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