[Tutor] getting the current method name

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Thu Apr 17 12:20:53 2003

Hello Adam,

Thursday, April 17, 2003, 11:11:02 AM, you wrote:

AG> Dear All,

AG> how to do the following:

AG> class x:
AG>         def y():
AG>                 print "Hi, my name is",<<method-name --> 'y'>>

AG> z=x()
AG> z.y()
AG> should print
AG> "Hi, my name is y"

AG> Of course, resolving "<<method-name --> 'y'>>" should not be done with
AG> simply 'y' :-)

AG> Adam

Try the following:

import sys

def get_callee_name(depth = 0):
    return sys._getframe(depth + 1).f_code.co_name
def foo():
    print get_callee_name()
class Bar:
    def bar(self):
        print get_callee_name()
    def bar_with_class(self):
        print "%s.%s" % (self.__class__.__name__, get_callee_name())
print "Calling foo"

print "Calling Bar.bar()"

print "Calling Bar.bar_with_class()"

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