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Y.T. H. hsiehson5@yahoo.com
Fri Apr 18 17:58:27 2003

Dear Sir,
This is Andy from Sydney University. I have come
across to a few questions that I am wondering if you'd
be so kind to give me some suggestion;

1>Which of the following Python statements is NOT used
for flow control.
a> a,b = 0,1
b> if x < 0:
c> while b< 1000:
d> for x in a:

2>What output will the following string parsing code

mystring="the quick brown fox jumped over the lazy
print left(mystring,instr(mystring,"fox")-1)

3>What is the principle purpose of a python cgi
a> to process the contents of an HTML page
b> to generate forms containing name/value
querystrings or form variables
c>to process in a Python script Name/Value pairs from
an HTML form or query string
d>to dynamically create HTML

4>A scripting language is generally,
a> Interpretive
b> Used to build complex applications
c> Fast and efficient
d> Loosely typed

Thank you so much for answering them.


Andy YT H

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