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Raghavan, Karthic Karthic.Raghavan at logicacmg.com
Thu Nov 6 01:12:22 EST 2003

Hello Lee Harr,
    First of all thanks for ur reply.

I have just given u few lines of the code below
import os
import time
import string
import syslog
import signal
import sys
from types import *
import pdb

InternalError = "InternalError"

__db_instance = None

def UsrHandler(sig, frame):
    global __db_instance
	if sig == signal.SIGUSR1:
	    signal.signalrestart(signal.SIGUSR1, self.UsrHandler)
I think the version is 1.5.2 . But even in that version if i see the library
reference there is no function called signal restart.
Can  you makeout anything from the above piece of code. Is the signal is
imported from pdb package or not???
If yes how could i look into the fuction definition(code) of signalrestart.

Thanking you in advance,

Kind Regards,

6. Re: signalrestart (Lee Harr)
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Subject: [Tutor] Re: signalrestart
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>I encountered a piece of code which is given below
>signal.signalrestart(signal.SIGUSR1, UsrHandler)
>where UsrHandler is a function
>I searched the library references but I couldnot find the Signalrestart

What do the other references to signal look like in this program?
Is it...

import signal


from some_package import signal


import signal
def foobar(baz):
signal.signalrestart = foobar

I do not see signalrestart in the python signal module in 2.1 2.2 or 2.3,
so it's either an older release, or they are pulling that function from
somewhere else.

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