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Daniel Ehrenberg littledanehren at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 7 09:33:06 EST 2003

> To follow up the OOP thread.
> I have followed the discussion on how to "think" OO
> and I question if I'm 
> doing the right thing not to dive into GUI making to
> much this early in my 
> learning ladder. Whould it simply be better, from a
> OO perspective, to plan 
> and design my learning projects out of a GUI base.
> Forcing me to produce 
> object chuncks instead. After all my real-life
> projects are and will be GUI 
> based. Tutorials, intro. books, etc. do take a
> console approach but it 
> shouldn't be to difficult to apply knowledge from
> this kind of sources into 
> a GUI/OO approach. It's basically the same
> knowledge, just grouped and 
> applied somewhat differently. Also learning your
> favourite GUI toolkit is a 
> big task and will take it's time. I currently, on a
> non project basis, play 
> with Tkinter, PyQt/QT and pyFLTK/FLTK and learning
> properly one of these 
> environments is a big task itself. Specially QT,
> it's massive!
> So, what do you think? Should one go GUI right away
> and try to translate 
> console focused learning sources into an OO/GUI
> environment for ones 
> learning projects?
> Best regards
> Tim R

It's always good to program in a somewhat
object-oriented manner, but there's no special need
(that I can see) for programming in a more
object-oriented fashion just because you're using a
GUI. Isn't it still possible to program procedurally
(except for GUI itself) when using a GUI?

Daniel Ehrenberg

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