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Alan Gauld alan.gauld at blueyonder.co.uk
Sat Nov 8 12:15:13 EST 2003

> librarians. A handful of them enter with programming skills. None of
> them leave. There is one introduction to programming class here
> (VB). It's usually offered once a year. Perhaps 10 people take it.
> Nobody leaves here capable of doing programming work as their main
> job. Anybody who does could code before they started.

Interesting. I'm currently working on a project where two of the 
team (both women :-) studied as Librarians but became so interested 
in the computing side that after finishing the course they signed 
up for a 1 yeear Masters IT course and ae now full time 
software engineers... Albeit both primarily focussed on 
Business Analysis type roles, but both capable of whipping 
up a database or programmng a web app with no problem.

The fact that the IT industry pays better helped too 
of course! :-)

Still looking for the article BTW.

Alan G.

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