[Tutor] Re: Re: How to "install" new package?

Andrei project5 at redrival.net
Sat Nov 15 06:34:32 EST 2003

Branimir Petrovic wrote on Fri, 14 Nov 2003 18:56:19 -0500:

> it does not work like that for me. My fear is that the problem 
> has to do with where I've installed Python - instead in default
> C:\Python23 I installed it in C:\Py232. 

Nah, I have Python in non-standard folders too (in fact, even non-standard
drives). Can't be the problem.

> If extract package to temp folder then passing package's
> setup.py with install switch to python.exe does not do
> the trick, may be there is something in Python's disutils 
> that breaks if the beast (Python) is to be found in 
> unexpected place?

I don't think so. Perhaps you should ask the author of that package what's
going on.



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