[Tutor] IDE

Roman A. Lagunov roman at kataisk.zaural.ru
Wed Nov 26 10:21:49 EST 2003

>>>>> "OA" ==> Okan Asik  writes:

 OA> What's the most common IDE you people using while writing your own
 OA> programs ?

 Take a look at IPython.
 Description: An enhanced interactive Python shell
 IPython is an enhanced interactive Python shell.  It can be used as a
 replacement for the standard Python shell, or it can be used as a
 complete working environment for scientific computing (like Matlab or
 Mathematica) when paired with the standard Python scientific and
 numerical tools.  It supports dynamic object introspections, numbered
 input/output prompts, a macro system, session logging, session
 restoring, complete system shell access, verbose and colored
 traceback reports, auto-parentheses, auto-quoting, and is
 embeddedable in other Python programs.
 You can find it in http://ipython.scipy.org/

 I think it's not a really IDE, but it's usefull for me.
 Btw, IPython works on Linux and Windows.


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