[Tutor] Web development

Ronan Lucio ronan at melim.com.br
Fri Oct 10 07:17:54 EDT 2003


> >Does someone develop web applications in Python?
> Sure, an interesting project for web app development is Webware.
> <http://webware.sourceforge.net/>

Webware realy seems to be a great option but, unfortunatly, I didn't
get to install it in a FreeBSD-4.8 box... :-/
It gave me some errors that couldn't got to solve.

> You should read more about how cookies work, you can limit the lifetime of
> a cookie to only last as long as the current session (until the user quits
> the browser instance):
> <http://wp.netscape.com/newsref/std/cookie_spec.html>

Very good!!!

> Hopefully the above will help answer some questions about cookies in web
> application development.

Great! Thank you very much.


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