[Tutor] Python suddenly finding ".DS_Store" files in folder

Scot W. Stevenson scot at possum.in-berlin.de
Thu Apr 8 20:42:26 EDT 2004

Hello Alan, 

> BTW You do realise that Mac OS X applications are actually
> folders and not really the simple files that finder displays
> don't you?! :-)

I figured that out the hard way when I was trying to setup my new iBook G4 as 
an X Terminal for my home machine, which we use as a Mock Mainframe 
(shameless plug: http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/Mock-Mainframe/index.html). Mac 
OS X 10.3.3 includes two (!) versions of X, one in /usr/X11/bin etc. where 
it belongs, the other in /Appplications/Utilities/X11/Content/MacOS/X11 or 
something to that effect. The problem: The "normal" X server will run the 
required command line parameters fine, but the "Mac OS" X11 bombs. Strange.

I've had the iBook for a few weeks now, and as pretty and easy to use Mac OS 
is for beginners, it seems to be one ugly beast once you lift off the GUI 
layer. I'm still not sure what a "resource fork" is and why I'm supposed to 
need one on a Unix machine...

> > I think I might want to take another look at Yellow Dog Linux...

> What makes you think it would be any different? listdir will still
> show hidden files there too, its not the OS its the way the function
> is defined to work.

But KDE doesn't spread hidden files all over the place like rabbit droppings, 
as far as I can tell. Writing configuation files in this way is rather 
unpleasant, to say the least. 

Y, Scot
                Scot W. Stevenson - Panketal, Germany

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