[Tutor] Launching an app into a frame

Djoumy vianney.de-bellabre at insa-lyon.fr
Sun Apr 11 09:48:31 EDT 2004


> It sounds too easy to be impossible.

That's what I believe too :)

> if you can that part of your application always read something particular
> ... say a port.
> then run the application to be displayed with the os settings to redirect
> output to the port?

Sounds good but how would you do that ? And would the app interact with user's
input into the frame that contains the app ?

An other way should be using an X server (using the os variable DISPLAY), but I
just managed to install xlib and didn't find any valuable doc about how to use
it correctly, especially how to bound the app to a display (for example
Does anyone know if it could be a good solution ?

> p.s. I'd love to see code on this ...

No pb, I'll mail the code to tutor list.

> > I'm trying to launch an application from my python code. Not too
> > hard using os.system(), but I'd like to bound the app window into
> > a GUI component of my python window (I'm using boa constructor to
> > create my window). For example I'd like to create a frame into my
> > window, and launch the app into this frame
> > does someone know if it's possible and how to do that ?


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