[Tutor] mod_python and PIL?

Danny Yoo dyoo at hkn.eecs.berkeley.edu
Wed Apr 14 18:06:29 EDT 2004

> Cannot load /www/libexec/mod_python.so into server:
> /www/libexec/mod_python.so: undefined symbol: pthread_sigmask

Hi Marilyn,

Gaaah!  Yikes.

> And I'm stumped.  For python2.3.3:
> [root at maildance mod_python-2.7.8]# cd ../Python-2.3.3
> [root at maildance Python-2.3.3]# ./configure --with-threads=no

You shouldn't have to do this.  The error message that you're getting
involves mod_python --- recompiling mod_python to use the new Python 2.3.3
may have more success than recompiling Python.

> But this is seeming too hard.  I can't help thinking that I'm doing
> something wrong from the start.

This is mod_python specific; it's definitely a little more advanced than
most Tutor stuff... *grin*

You may want to talk with the folks on the modpython mailing list.


It appears that some other folks are running into the same exact problem
on FreeBSD too:


so whatever is going on is affecting others; don't be hard on yourself.

There are actually quite a few FAQ entries on the mod_python page that may
apply to the issues you're having:


In particular,


says that mod_python versions < 3 will have compile-time issues with
Python 2.3.  You're trying to install mod_python 2.7.8, so that may be a
contributing factor to the compile mischief.  Try using a later version of
mod_python, like 3.1.3:


Also, since you have multiple versions of Python installed on your system,
you may need to explicitely tell mod_python to use the right one during


The folks on the modpython mailing list should be better equipped to
handle installation problems, so talk with them: they'll know what to do.
(I hope.  *grin*)

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