[Tutor] Generating random in a user specified range.

Crabtree, Chad Chad.Crabtree at nationalcity.com
Tue Apr 27 12:16:24 EDT 2004

> However, I seem to have a problem - I get an error using 
> random.randint(a,b) and with random.randrange(a,b). It seems that it 
> might be fussy accepting parts of a list as the argument. I've tried 
> converting them to integers and then passing the interger, 
> but it still 
> complains.
> Any advice on what I can do to fix this?
> Thanks.
> The driving code is:
> range = range()
> print range
> raw_input("click ok to carry ok")
> target = generatenumber(range) #kicks the whole thing off

 You will hear this several times range is a built in function when you
assign to it you erase this function.  This in practice is a bad thing.
> def range():
> 	strtop = raw_input("What is your top number?")
> 	strbottom = raw_input("What is your bottom number?")
> 	top = int(strtop)
> 	bottom = int(strbottom)
> 	range = [bottom, top]
> 	print "range top is ", range[0]
> 	print "range bottom is ", range[1]
> 	return range

you need to strip the stuff from this.  I would do it thus.  
import string

this gets ride of any string whitespace strangeness that canot be converted
to an integer.

> def generatenumber(range):
>      top = int (range[0])
>      bottom = int (range[1])
>      target = random.randrange(range[1], range[0]) # and I've 
> also tried 
> (bottom,top)
>      print "Target is ", target
>      ok = raw_input("please press enter to continue")
>      return target
with random.randrange(x,y) x must be smaller than y if not range will act

>>> random.choice(range(10,1))

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "<pyshell#4>", line 1, in -toplevel-
  File "c:\python\lib\random.py", line 231, in choice
    return seq[int(self.random() * len(seq))]
IndexError: list index out of range
>>> range(10,1)
>>> range(10,1,-1)
[10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2]
>>> range(1,10)
[1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9]
The decending example you need to put the step in there or else it won't
work as above.  
Please rename all you range things except for in your strings.  I know that
those are meaningful variable names but it will cause you problems in the

Check out this tutorial.  It has all the basics in it.
lists,dicts,range,strings and other stuff.

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